At Udelá we know that each company and product is unique and different.

We provide you with a comprehensive vision of the various technical-scientific-regulatory factors of the regions that affect the access of products to markets in LATAM and Mexico.

That your medicine or medical device enter impeccably.


Due Diligence

Let’s investigate

Are you interested in entering or launching a medicine, medical device, or product?

Does it require adequate facilities for its production?

Do you have in mind, build a commercial synergy?

Our experts assess, examine, and analyze the comprehensive landscape in regulatory compliance.

We offer you a real vision for your investment or merger.


Definition of strategies for the maintenance and continuity of the product portfolio

Let’s build

The medicines, medical devices or products undergo changes throughout the life of the health registration.

We guarantee the continuity of existence in the market before any variation that may appear.

We build a strategy so that your product is maintained and lasts in the market.


Feasibility evaluation for product registration

Its viable?

Udelá’s specialists help you find the right classification for your product.

We find out the feasibility for your registration to be successful and enter the market.


Strategic planning

Let’s do it!

Do you have a specific project that you perceive globally?

Do you have several products and need to register them at the same time?

Does your product require a market migration?

Don’t know where to start?


We plan an exclusive, comprehensive, and executive strategy for your process.


Regulatory and strategic consultations

Let’s talk

Do you have a specific problem, or do you require a general consultation to resolve and address an issue?

What do you need? We love being able to help you.