in terms of regulation and comprehensive strategies for medicines and health supplies, they streamline their process to enter Mexico and LATAM


Imagine for a moment that your company is a transatlantic ship; strong and in optimal conditions to sail.

You are the captain, and you are in command of a talented crew, trained to deal with the unexpected that may happen in the middle of the sea.

You sail in search of new markets. An expedition begins.

Yes, like the old days.

The ship raises anchors, sails, and heads out to sea.

Unforeseen always arise

The sea is the regulatory agencies, the waves are the multiple registrations to be made of their products and the tide is the bureaucracy of the institutions.

The captain and the crew are seasoned professionals but can not anticipate what that journey will bring.

The sea holds surprises and things do not always happen as planned.

There are days with tailwinds and other gray days with storms. The same goes for regulation.

In the middle of the ocean nothing is easy

One day, the sea wakes up with a hurricane and things get complicated

The ocean behaves untamed, and nothing is easy. (Remember, this titan represents regulatory agencies.)

Days go by and the weather gets worse.

The crew works tirelessly; hope begins to fade. They do not know what to do.

The captain is (very) worried.

After the storm comes the calm

Fatigue is felt, could the captain turn the ship around and return to a safe port?

No, don’t even think about it.

They almost lose hope but… In the distance there is a glimpse.

It’s a lighthouse!

A bright yellow light that points the way… It announces calm.

Our maxim

is to be able to guide and give clarity to your path

Udelá provides comprehensive regulatory and strategic services, legal representation, and a distribution warehouse for the pharmaceutical and health supplies industry.

We streamline your regulatory process so that the entry of your product is not delayed.


We design strategies for your products to enter and remain in the market.

We have equipment and facilities that comply with the regulations and conditions established by the law of the country you wish to join.

We help you at any stage of your process.

Where are we taking you?

Our headquarters are located in Mexico City, and we have presence and operations in:

El Salvador, Colombia, Brazil, Chile, Peru, Ecuador and Guatemala.

We are a team of professionals with more than 15 years of experience in the field of regulatory and strategic affairs

We have worked for the different regulatory agencies of the countries in which we have a presence (COFEPRIS, INVIMA, ANVISA, ISP, DIGEMID, ARCSA).

We are familiar with and up to date with the processes and current regulations from the countries in which we work.

Objectives of our company

Evolucionamos para mejorar

Udelá is a French word that means “beyond”.

Advancing, progressing, and evolving to improve is going one step further.

We are a team of professionals who like to go one step further to:

  • Provide our clients with technical, strategic, and regulatory support to facilitate access to the market. We solve your doubts, we like clear communication.
  • We always consider the needs of the market and the objectives of our clients.
  • Accelerate the access of different products to the market, in order to contribute to the health and well-being of the population in the countries. Making it sustainable for our clients and profitable for the consumer.
  • Demonstrate to the various regulatory agencies that our clients and their products are worthy of trust. This is built through joint compliance with regulatory standards and established policies. Guarantees timely access of products to markets.

Mission of our company:

success in your regulatory process


Our clients are a commitment

We attend to your requirements to establish an active and efficient collaboration.

We want to be your strategic ally and an extension of your work team.


We want to empower you

We share with you and your team what we have learned throughout our experience so that together we can achieve success in your process.


Allow timely access of medicines and products to the market and keep them

It is very important to be part of the supply chain, it allows society and our families to have access to treatments, improve their health and with it their quality of life.


The person is the center of any activity that we develop


We have an open mind

We want to be your strategic ally and an extension of your work team.

We look for the best strategy to achieve your goal and the expected results.


We favor regulatory processes in terms of quality and time

We make the relationship with regulatory agencies easier and simpler, generating reliable and efficient documents, files, and information.

We communicate transparently between our clients and agencies.


We have a mission and responsibility with health

Because health is freedom and an individual guarantee.

Now that you know about us, tell us,

How can we help?